Where to Eat Now in Rome

We’ve eaten a lot of food to put together this ranking, based on repeat and anonymous visits. These are our absolute favorite food & wine experiences in Rome as of May 2018. 

The Very Short List: Ten Favorite Restaurants in Rome

  1. For pasta, fried things and good wine: Cesare al Casaletto
  2. For pizza, fried things and good wine: La Gatta Mangiona
  3. For pasta, the deli case (cheese, salumi…) and good wine: Roscioli
  4. For adventurous quinto quarto (offal) served by tattooed waiters: SantoPalato
  5. For incredible modernist food in an informal setting: Retrobottega
  6. For incredible modernist food in a fine dining setting: Pipero Roma
  7. For a trattoria that treats you like family even when you’re a traveler: La Tavernaccia di Bruno
  8. For a long and wine-soaked Sunday lunch: Piperno
  9. For something new and really good that’s still relatively undiscovered: Giulia
  10. Another for new, really good & relatively undiscovered: Trattoria Pennestri

The Slightly Longer List: Our Favorites for May 2018

Elevated Cucina Romana

Modern Food, Relaxed Vibe

Fine Dining

Posh but not quite Fine Dining

Simple, Inexpensive Trattorias


Wine Bars

Street Food

2 thoughts on “Where to Eat Now in Rome”

  1. ryan aguanno says:

    Really great list, have been to most of these and I can vouch for many of them. I would consider this the most reliable selection of restaurants I’ve seen in a while.

    1. The Mouth says:

      That’s so great to hear! Thanks Ryan.

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