Multiple locations

Address: Via Giovanni Branca, 88 (Testaccio)
Hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday from noon-1:00am

Address: Piazza Trilussa, 46 (Trastevere)
Hours: Open every day from 10:00am-1:00am

Address: Piazzale di Ponte Milvio
Hours: Open every day from 11:00am-1:00am

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What people are saying

  • The Monocle Guide to Rome (2017) says that Stefano Callegari’s creation combines pizza and traditional Italian dishes into something that can be eaten on the go – “triangular slices of pizza filled with anything from aubergine parmigiana and cuttlefish to tripe.”
  • Katie Parla (2013) says that “unlike the calzone or calzoncino, the bread for atrapizzino is baked separately then stuffed with the requested filling to order… At Ponte Milvio, trapizzini are served with traditionally Roman fillings like trippa alla romana (stewed tripe), coda alla vaccinara (braised oxtail), seppie con piselli (cuttlefish with peas) and lingua con salsa verde (tongue with a garlicky parsley sauce).”

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