Roma nel Piatto by La Pecora Nera

La Pecora Nera has been publishing their annual guide to Rome restaurants called “Roma nel Piatto” since 2003 [in Italian]. They write that their strength is “not having conflicts of interest with critically evaluated subjects in our guides, so that we can write in the reader’s unique interest. This means visits in real anonymity paying the bill as any customer.”

Restaurants in their guide are evaluated from 1-10 according to the following scale:
0 to 4.5     totally insufficient
5 to 5.5     insufficient
6 to 6.5     sufficient
7 to 7.5     good, very good
8 to 8.5     great, remarkable

8.5 +          excellent

In 2018, they rated the following restaurants as “The Best” in Rome

You can purchase their guide [in Italian] here.

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