Pro Loco DOL

Practical Information

Address: Via Domenico Panaroli, 35
Hours: Shop open Open Monday-Saturday from 8:30am to midnight. Closed Sunday.
Telephone: +39 06 2430 0765
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Pro Loco DOL in pictures

Photos by Aaron Ayscough © Rome by Mouth

What people are saying

  • I Cento (2018) includes them among their favorite 50 “Pop” or informal addresses in Rome.
  • Eater (2017) includes this in their roundup of 38 Essential Rome Restaurants, explaining that “Vincenzo Mancino has grown what was originally a deli into several locavore branches serving a full menu, as well as excellent cured meats, cheeses, and pizza.”
  • Gambero Rosso (2016) says that Vincenzo Mancino opened this “with the intent of bringing the best quality Lazio products to residents of the city’s less affluent periphery,” making this “an informational food and wine help desk for locavore consumers.”
  • Katie Parla (2014) calls this “the most important collection of artisanal products from Lazio in town,” advising us to be on the lookout forfiocco della Tuscia, prosciutto di Bassiano, and conciato di San Vittore. There are also vegan options, she says, and the wine list combines local picks, as well as some traditional and natural wines from all over Italy.”
  • Serious Eats (2013) says that Mancino’s “meticulous research and support of local food production has sparked renewed interest in craft goods in the region—often dismissed and overlooked by Italian gourmands, which rank Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Sicily, and other regions above Lazio in their gastronomic hierarchy.”
  • Scatti di Gusto (2013) says the pizza here has the blessing of none other than Gabriele Bonci, and advises looking out the mozzarella di bufala from Roana farms, meats from the Stefanoni brothers, vegan wine (whah?) from Cristiana Menicocci, and craft beers from Birra del Borgo, Turan and Birradamare.
  • Puntarella Rossa reports from the opening party and says that Pro Loco DOL will feature a very short supply chain with regional products selected from family businesses.

Pro Loco DOL in video

Il Gazzetino di Roma reports on the opening party in 2013

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