Our Map of Recommended Rome Restaurants

We’re publishing a fresh new restaurant review every single day all summer long. But for those of you who need to know where to go right now, here’s a map of our preferences.

Purple hearts for our absolute favorites.
Green icons for restaurants we strongly recommend.
Yellow icons for restaurants that are good, but not among the best in their style.
Red for restaurants we don’t recommend.

You can check back regularly for full restaurant reviews to understand the reasons behind our colors. But this should be enough in the meantime to help you find something delicious in Rome.

Click the square icon in the top left corner to see the map legend and a listing of restaurants by neighborhood. Within a neighborhood grouping, we’ve organized our strongest recommendations (purple and green) at the top. Among these, we’ve ordered them roughly according to fanciness and price. For example, within the Historical Center grouping, Pipero Roma at the top is a fine dining restaurant, while Da Gino at the bottom is a simple and inexpensive trattoria.

Wine bars that have a real kitchen and serve hot dishes are indicated with a restaurant icon (fork & knife). Enotecas that focus on drinking and serve only snacks are indicated with a wine glass icon.

Click on the description for any restaurant to find a link to our page about this place on Rome by Mouth, complete with practical information & reviews from trusted critics.

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