Mordi e Vai

We’ve tested it and will be publishing a full review very soon. In the meantime, scroll down to see our photos and what others are saying about Mordi e Vai.

Practical Information

Address: Via Beniamino Franklin, 12/E (inside the Nuovo Mercato Comunale di Testaccio)
Hours: Open Monday-Saturday from 8:00-15:00
Telephone: +39 339 134 3344
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What people are saying

  • An American in Rome (2016) inhales and exhalts a veal and carbonara sandwich, calling it the best sandwich in Rome.
  • Maureen B. Fant (2014) calls this “A stand-up joint with takeout inside the new Testaccio market. This is real unreconstructed Roman food, with tripe, boiled beef, and all the things you can do with leftover boiled beef stuffed into a panino.”
  • Katie Parla (2012) recommends the tripe and bollito (boiled beef) sandwiches, calling them “really good, especially the bollito, which is soaked in fat.”

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