I Cento by EDT

I Cento is a relative newcomer among printed guides to dining in Rome (and other cities). The Roman guide is penned by Federico De Cesare Viola and Luciana Squadrilli, who divide their favorite 100 addresses in and around Rome into 2 categories – 50 “Top” restaurants and 50 “Pop” trattorias or more simple eateries. We’ll admit that it’s not always clear to us why one place is classified as a restaurant and one a more simple trattoria. For example, why would Mazzo and Pianostrada be included in the more formal “Top” category and Da Cesare or Santo Palato among the simple “Pop” grouping? In any case, we really appreciate that their selection is tight and that they’ve ranked the restaurant selections.

In addition to selecting 100 addresses, they also made the following awards in 2018:

  • “Una Grande Promessa” 2018: Pier Daniel Seu pizza in the Mercato Centrale (note: he has since opened his own stand-alone pizzeria at Seu Pizza Illuminati)
  • “Osti che Sorridona” 2018: Sforno
  • “Il Miglior Trattoria” 2018: SantoPalato
  • “La Cantina Curiosa” 2018: Il Sorì
You can purchase their guide [in Italian] here.

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