Da Remo

We’ve included this among our Favorite Restaurants in Rome and will be publishing a full review very soon. In the meantime, scroll down to see our photos and what others are saying about it.

Practical Information

Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44
Hours: Open Monday-Saturday for dinner from 19:00-1:00 (no reservations). Closed Sunday. 
Telephone: +39 06 574 6270
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Da Remo in pictures

Photos by Meg Zimbeck © Rome by Mouth

What people are saying

  • An American in Rome (2016) adores the “welcoming, loud, unapologetic atmosphere” and the crispy, thin pizzas. She advises arriving early since they don’t take reservations and ordering the diavola (spicy sausage), a favorite in their house.
  • The Guardian (2011) advises you to “Take a pass on the fritti, which are nothing much to write home about, and start with a plate of beans instead, the old-school approach to Roman pizza meals. The flat and crispy pizzas, which are made in a wood-burning oven, are designed to hold few toppings – meaning here it’s the simple pizzas that are best.”
  • Katie Parla (2010) says that “On Tuesday night I had one of the best pizza margheritas of my life… The pizza margherita at Da Remo in Testaccio has the classic Roman crust: paper thin and at the same time flimsy and crispy so it bends into a perfect crunchy cheese envelope for my enjoyment.”
  • The Telegraph says that “On a corner overlooking a small park (with swings and slides for the kids), Remo serves up good Roman-style flat pizzas, with all the classic toppings, to a loud and appreciative audience. The tomato and basil bruschettas are also excellent. Beer, water or soft drinks are the liquids of choice; they do have wine, but it’s pretty rough.”
  • The Food Lover’s Guide to the Gourmet Secrets of Rome (2010) says that “although the service is a little frenzied, the pizza merits a visit.”

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