Checchino dal 1887

We’ve tested it and will be publishing a full review very soon. In the meantime, scroll down to see our photos and what others are saying about Checchino.

Practical Information

Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 30
Hours: Closed Sunday night and all day Monday. Open Tuesday-Saturday for lunch & dinner and for lunch on Sunday.  
Telephone: +39 06 574 3816
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Checchino dal 1887 in pictures

Photos by Meg Zimbeck © Rome by Mouth

What people are saying

  • Gambero Rosso (2018) has awarded Checchino dal 1887 with 2 Forks and a very consistent numerical rating of 80 in 2018, 80 in 2017, 80 in 2016, 80 in 2015.
  • “Roma nel Piatto” by La Pecora Nera gave them a score of 7+ out of 10 points (“good, very good”) in 2018 and 7+ points in 2017.
  • “I Cento” by EDT ranks this as their #45 restaurant in Rome for 2018.
  • An American in Rome (2016) loves the retro setting where “white jacketed waiters go through an elaborate show of wheeling around a small table and pouring wine through a series of unneeded but atmosphere-enhancing steps.” She recommends the Amatriciana over the Carbonara.
  • Jay Rayner in the Guardian (2015) says “Checchino isn’t a piece of history. It’s a living, breathing restaurant which just happens to have been doing its thing for a very long time indeed.” In describing the offal-heavy menu laden with lamb intestines, stewed tripe, trotters and tongues, he says “It is like stumbling across the original sacred text upon which Fergus Henderson based his menu at St John. “
  • Maureen B. Fant (2014) says that offal-avoiders shouldn’t be put off because the restaurant is famous for it – it’s very easy to avoid. She recommends the baby lamb chops, the saltimbocca, and the cheese course. “Great wines too—and the cellar has been there so long, there are many interesting old bottles.”
  • The Food Lover’s Guide to the Gourmet Secrets of Rome (2010) says that “although the quinto quarto dishes can still be found on the menu, they are lighter and there are many other excellent suggestions for those who do not share the robust tastes of the past.”
  • Katie Parla (2009) says “there is definitely no shortage of organ meats to choose from at Checchino; animelle (sweetbreads), cervelli (brains), testicoli (testicles), and pajata are all featured on the menu.”

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