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Stefano Callegari is considered a trailblazer for his contributions to creative pizza in Rome, and for his invention of the celebrated street snack Trapizzino. After Tondo and Sforno, he opened Sbanco in 2016 in a neighborhood that now includes Epiro and SantoPalato. Sbanco builds on Callegari’s winning formula of tasty pizza + fried starters + nice liquids by incorporating a serious craft beer element. Sbanco is also much closer to the center and near a subway line, ensuring that you don’t need to treat it like a pilgrimage site. >>Read More

Epiro restaurant in Rome |


Epiro is my favorite sort of place – it’s a mom & pop restaurant for the modern age. Alessandra Viscardi and Marco Mattana met in art school but decided that a restaurant was their future. They opened Epiro five years ago in an inexpensive neighborhood just outside of Rome’s center. She manages the dining room and the liquids, he runs the kitchen with Matteo Baldi. Their approach is sincere and personal, and they deliver incredible value for money.

In the beginning, Epiro was a place to try inexpensive creative cooking with a good selection of craft beer and natural wine. It is still that, but the cooking is now on another level.  >>Read More

La Gatta Mangiona

Since 1999, Giancarlo Casa has been making pizzas with cut-above ingredients, spending extra time working the dough, and charging slightly more for the result. You’ll be happy to pay the higher prices, and also the cab fare to Monteverde, for what is currently my favorite pizza experience in Rome. I say ‘experience’ because it’s not just about the excellent wood-fired pizza. The supplì and other fried starters are a true joy to put in your mouth, and the surprisingly good wine selection at la Gatta Mangiona elevates it to destination status.     >>Read More

Tonda pizzeria in Rome |


We’ve tested it and will be publishing a full review very soon. In the meantime, scroll down to see our photos and what others are saying about Tonda. >>Read More

Mazzo restaurant in Rome |


Editor’s note: this review was written based on a visit in 2014 and may not reflect what’s currently happening at MAZZO. What follows is our first impression and you can scroll down to find links to more current reviews from other writers. 

Rome’s dining landscape, like its literal landscape, can sometimes seem burdened by antiquity. All the more notable is the growing renown of Mazzo, an intimate, informal, and defiantly youthful restaurant by chefs Francesca Barreca and Marco Baccanelli, who often operate under the adorable epithet of “The Fooders.” At Mazzo’s ten-seat communal table and test kitchen, located in the far-flung Centocelle district, the Fooders offer a confident and playful update of Roman cuisine, where precisely-executed grandmotherly classics like trippa al sugo are merely the basis for a more wide-reaching and cosmopolitan menu that changes nightly. >>Read More