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Our Map of Recommended Rome Restaurants

We’re publishing a fresh new restaurant review every single day all summer long. But for those of you who need to know where to go right now, here’s a map of our preferences.

Purple hearts for our absolute favorites.
Green icons for restaurants we strongly recommend.
Yellow icons for restaurants that are good, but not among the best in their style.
Red for restaurants we don’t recommend.

You can check back regularly for full restaurant reviews to understand the reasons behind our colors. But this should be enough in the meantime to help you find something delicious in Rome.

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I Cento by EDT

I Cento is a relative newcomer among printed guides to dining in Rome (and other cities). The Roman guide is penned by Federico De Cesare Viola and Luciana Squadrilli, who divide their favorite 100 addresses in and around Rome into 2 categories – 50 “Top” restaurants and 50 “Pop” trattorias or more simple eateries. We’ll admit that it’s not always clear to us why one place is classified as a restaurant and one a more simple trattoria. For example, why would Mazzo and Pianostrada be included in the more formal “Top” category and Da Cesare or Santo Palato among the simple “Pop” grouping? In any case, we really appreciate that their selection is tight and that they’ve ranked the restaurant selections. Read more 

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Guida ai Sapori di Roma by La Repubblica

The major newspaper La Repubblica publishes a massive annual guide to dining in Rome called the “Guida ai Sapori e ai Piaceri.” It has more than 700 pages, and probably half of these are advertising. Sections organized by location are useful if you really want to dig deep in a particular neighborhood, but otherwise we find this guide too big and unwieldy, with too few rankings, to be very useful.

They do, however, make a few annual awards and we’ve included these below: Read more 

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I Ristoranti d’Italia by L’Espresso

Le Guide de L’Espresso has been publishing their annual guide to dining in Italy – I Ristoranti d’Italia – since 1978. They also now publish their guide as a mobile app.

They rate restaurants with cappelli symbols – toques or chef’s hats – according to the following scale:

1 cappello     good
2 cappelli      high quality
3 cappelli      great
4 cappelli      excellent
5 cappelli      the absolute best Read more 

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Roma nel Piatto by La Pecora Nera

La Pecora Nera has been publishing their annual guide to Rome restaurants called “Roma nel Piatto” since 2003 [in Italian]. They write that their strength is “not having conflicts of interest with critically evaluated subjects in our guides, so that we can write in the reader’s unique interest. This means visits in real anonymity paying the bill as any customer.”

Restaurants in their guide are evaluated from 1-10 according to the following scale: 0 to 4.5     totally insufficient 5 to 5.5     insufficient 6 to 6.5     sufficient 7 to 7.5     good, very good 8 to 8.5     great, remarkable

8.5 +          excellent

In 2018, they rated the following restaurants as “The Best” in Rome Read more 

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